Training for inspection of pig welfare in EU

EURCAW-Pigs develops standards for training in pig welfare on-farm, during transport and in slaughterhouses. During this online workshop, draft standard courses are discussed with National training capacities - such as national reference centres - developing training at national level in EU.

Organised by EURCAW-Pigs

Mon 26 October 2020 10:00 until Tue 27 October 2020 13:00

Venue Online

Attendance through invitation only.

Because of the corona situation, the workshop is changed from a physical meeting in Denmark to a virtual meeting.

The focus is on training of inspectors in the member-states, i.e. further training/education needed to keep the inspectors up to date on legislation, new science, dilemmas between legislation and praxis in relation to pig-welfare in the whole chain (on-farm, transport, slaughter).

Goal for the workshop

  • To discuss and promote reflection on the usefulness of training of inspectors of animal welfare in European member states.
  • To get feedback to EURCAW-Pigs on our suggestions for standard training of inspectors (in relation to EURCAW’s dossiers and indicators).

Two examples

Two examples for training courses will be presented and discussed during the workshop. Participants will also hear about how training is organised in Sweden and France, which may provide some inspiration.

An important part of the workshop is that EURCAW representatives will conduct meetings with representatives from each country, and the results of these meetings will be presented in plenum. These meetings will be one-hour interviews.