This dossier aims to help Competent Authorities and other stakeholders with issues related to climate control and space allowance during transport of pigs.

Climate control and space allowance during transport is important, e.g. for the homeostatic control of body temperature of the animals. Thermoregulation is necessary for pig welfare (as it affects thermal comfort, heat stress, cold stress and survival). The pig’s ability to thermoregulate depends on maintaining a balance between heat production and heat loss. It is affected by environmental variables like ambient temperature, air speed and humidity. Space allowance during transport is furthermore important to give the animals the opportunity to change body positions, access to water on long journeys and to lie down and rest. Ideally, enough space should also be provided to move away from aggressors during fights.

This dossier is based on a EURCAW review on this subject and on guidelines produced in the Transport Guides project. The dossier is updated periodically by the EURCAW-Pigs team. The text is meant to support Competent Authorities, and is not legally binding.

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