ESAF seminar on science based policy advice

Representatives from institutions involved in policy advice and scientists in their individual capacity are invited with the main aim of sharing and debating best practices.

Organised by Aarhus University (DCA/DCE), European Science Advisors Forum (ESAF)

Tue 29 September 2020 12:00 until Wed 30 September 2020 12:00

Venue Aarhus, Denmark

This seminar will be postponed and new dates will be scheduled in 2021.

The organizers find that there is a pertinent need for a forum to exchange experiences, challenges and best practices among providers of science based policy advice. The term “Science based policy advice” covers a variety of different arrangements and practices with the objective of providing political decision makers and their public servants with up-to- date and evidence based knowledge and advice on issues relevant for regulation and policy making. At the moment such topics within agriculture, food, climate and environment are high on political and public agendas in Europe. Science based policy advice is both in high demand and subject of heated debate.

Does policy advice really need to be based on science? Can science with all its methodological requirements and explicit description of uncertainties really inform policy making in the current times of animated and rapidly changing political debates?

Expected outcomes of seminar

  • Exchange of information of national practices: good experiences, mutual learning in areas of organization, good processes, quality assurance, consistency of advice over time, recruitment and training;
  • Building stronger networks among peers and organizations across Europe;
  • Ideas for continued collaboration between interested institutions.

A final programme together with registration, suggestions for hotel accommodation etc. can soon be found on